Big V Tv - The Great American Beer Off VIII Chapter 7 (by Vincent DeLuna)


Paulie Shout Out…

but the blog is about Sharpie

Sharp Edge really made the end of 2011 memorable for me

this is his shout out

we almost died on the slopes

we got drunk on a plane

and in the bars at Snow Shoe Mountain

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Back to the Future

So I’m back!

I’m working on the vacation trip blog

but I need to gather all the pics and videos

in the meantime,

I came back to a whole new world over here

well, not really but it’s def been different

first off, I got a laptop for X-mas

I know that’s a little 2003 

but that’s a huge deal for me

I’ve got a keen sling bag to go with it

it’s a place for me to store my camera, batteries, lights, and laptop

because, Im going to install an editing program and finally get to work on making the Big V Tv episodes

I need an external hard drive because it’s a little over a year’s worth of footage

basically I need to get the first season of Big V TV out there so stay tuned for that

also, my first day back at work I arrived to a brand new computer

it’s nifty

and it has Adobe Premier Pro

I non-linear edited most of the news content for the first time

this is a huge deal for this station

and I’m glad I’m here to help them with this transition

there was no need for training

they just threw me in

they trust me

it makes me proud to say that

If You’re Ever Down, Just Read this…

so I work at a tv station

which by the way, just went semi digital this week

the reporters are editing on non-linear editors and the stories are playing off of a server

me and my tapes are being replaced

just not quite right all the way

I’m being assimilated

it’s about time

anyway, there’s this guy at the station

he puts content on the web

well, the computer that he uses is right next to the computer that I use

actually, it’s on the same table

so naturally we started to talk when I came back to work at the station

he’s just a young punk

at first he seemed ok

but then I noticed he’s a fucking weird little man
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My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Part 2

Interpol - Evil (High Quality)

More Stories From the Big Xmas Party..

so now that a few days have past I have a few more stories

allow me to finish Kate’s story

she was taken home by a friend eventually

she puked in said friend’s car on the way home

puked at the house she was taken to

puked in the bed at the house she was taken to

puked the next day when she tried to drink some gatorade

oh and when she fell

she fell in front of the GM of the station

now on to me

I broke a vase not even five minutes of arriving

that one was accidental

the thing is

it was open bar

I drank all night but never acutally finished a drink

I kept leaving them everywhere

I would join a table

drop off my rum and coke

tell them I’ll be back

come back with a new rum and coke

they would tell me I still had a full rum and coke that they were guarding

I would take them both in my hand and drink out of them

then something would catch my eye and I’d take off running like a cat that goes from the kitchen to the living room suddenly

leaving my two rum and cokes behind

stopping at the bar to get a fresh rum and coke

it was a very rummy Xmas

then I saw a guy that I am no longer friends with and ruined his night

allow me to explain

-The Frenchie Incident-

So I know a guy from Mexico City

we call him Frenchie

well we went through a spell where we lost touch with each other

then one day out of the blue I get a call from him

he wants to come up to Austin to visit me

when he gets there he’s depressed

his dog died, his girl dumped him

so he was using me as medication

to feel better

ok fine, whatever

next time I was in V-town I invited him to SummerSlam

the whole gang was there

well almost

anyway, he showed up to SummerSlam depressed and left early

it was at that time I decided that he was no longer my friend

so he joined the Vincent DeLuna “get the hell out of my life” club

so I see him sitting with his gf at the party

I sit next to him

his gf wants to take a picture of us

I tell her “no pictures”

I go on to tell him that I’ve gotten all of his calls and all of his texts”

he tells me he figures I’m always busy

I tell him,”no, you and I are no longer friends.”

just then his sister comes up to us and wants to snap a picture of us

he covers the camera with his hand and tells her to leave him alone

I get up and leave him

and yes, I understand that I just ruined the guy that gets depressed regularly’s Christmas party

I however went on to rule the room

I won a tv

on my way to accept it

I stopped and did a Nature Boy spin

to a nice pop from the crowd

I reached my hand out to the GM

he thought I wanted a handshake

I wanted the mic

he gave it to me

I was about to give a speech

but I saw the ghost of Jessica Janiga

-The Ghost of Jessica Janiga-

so Jessica Janiga is a reporter I know that came up through the ranks of television from the very bottom

she was a nice gal that thought I was just insane

she knew I had lost that little voice in my head that everyone listens to long ago

anyway, at one Christmas party years ago

I was on stage singing karaoke

when I was done I yelled, “let’s give it up for the bad guys.”

I shot the double bird

on stage

with a spotlight on me

everyone in the crowd was looking back staring with blank expressions

right in the middle of that crowd I see Jessica Janiga shaking her head no

not like no “I don’t believe it”

no as in “get off the stage now Vince” no

I did and the rest of the night went off without a hitch

so now I have a live mic

I’ve drank my weight in Rum

broke up with a friend

broke a vase

and now won a tv

all eyes were on me

I said into the mic” I’ve just got one thing to say”

I stopped and stared into the crowd

they were all silent and nervous

then I saw the ghost of Jessica Janiga

she was glowing blue

sitting in the middle of the crowd

shaking her head no

that’s what I said into the mic

and gave it back to the GM

and walked off

I passed a table that told me they were worried I was gonna do something stupid

so I reached over

grabbed the vase off their table

and threw it against the wall

breaking it into a million pieces

and walked off

that one was on purpose